Roland Mielke
  • Academic studies of industrial engineering at the University of Technology and economy in Mittweida (FH)
  • Leading activities in controlling respectively commercial manager of various producing industrial enterprises (Margon Brunnen GmbH, UKM Meißen GmbH, Tapetenfabrik Coswig GmbH, Sunicon AG Freiberg)
  • Commercial manager leading into the position of CEO at Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH later on
  • Commercial manager and from July 2017 onwards CEO of viimagic GmbH
Jörg Ludewig
Scientific adviser
  • Academic studies of communication engineering at the institute of electrical and mechanical precision toolmaking of Technical University Dresden
  • Participation and later managing function at the ‘Arbeitsstelle für Molekurlarelektronik Dresden’ (AMD), construction of modules for equipements and devices for production of semiconductor devices development of basic processes for semiconductor chip assembly in metal packages as well as development of processes for chip assembly in ceramic packages
  • Division manager of ‘Cycle II’ (semiconductor assembly, research, development and production) at the microelectronic center of research and technology (ZFTM) in Dresden
  • Founder, managing director and shareholder of Microelectronic Packaging Dresden GmbH as service provider for advanced packaging of integrated circuits, sensors and microsystems
  • Inventor and co-inventor of patents on construction and connection technology
Dr. Rainer Schweer
Technical adviser Image sensor development
  • Mathematis graduate
  • Work on the research and development of integrated switched capacitor circuits assembled in CMOS technology at the University of Dortmund
  • Employed at ITT Intermetall (today Micronas)
  • Managerial positions in various international development departments of the Thomson Group
  • Author and co-author of international scientific publications, inventor and co-inventor of numerous patents
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