viimagic offers customized Mixed signal ASIC design

Viimagic has many years of experience in circuit design of mixed signal-ICs. Beside the know-how in the range of CMOS image sensors, viimagic is also an expert in the field of consumer electronics. As a result of our numerous implementations, we have a wide-range analogue as well as digital IP on hand to speed-up the development time.

We are your competent partner for:

  • AD and DA-converter
  • PLL
  • OpAmps
  • Filter layer
  • Impedance converter
  • Levelshifter
  • Chargepumps
  • Voltage controller

We will be pleased to help you implement the particular chip in your application. Development of a IC qualification program, quality management or project implementation are further services that complete our offering.

How to contact us
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