3D measurement

The viimagic 9221 / 22 is a high performance CMOS image sensor for highest demands. High speed imaging like optical metrology and 3D-measurement provide its own challenges to the sensor technology. With high resolution and consistently high speed our sensor allows a non-contacting three-dimensional shape measurement. The trigger mode allows for synchronization with external lighting sources. In surveying and engineering work it is used for measuring triangulation networks.

Targeted for high performance applications: optical metrology, 3D machine vision.

  • HDTV
  • High Dynamic Range, Low Noise
  • Low Power
  • High Sensitivity
  • up to 120 fps at full resolution
  • LVDS interfaces
  • High Speed Global Shutter
  • Region of interest (ROI)
  • External trigger mode
  • BGA-108 package

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