About us

viimagic, a spin-off of Deutsche Thomson OHG, develops and distributes high-sensitivity image sensors for high-resolution cameras used in broadcast studios, for traffic monitoring, in the security sector and for both industrial and medical applications.

Our range of services includes the entire spectrum from development and sale of standard sensor product lines and the creation of individual customer designs to sensor integration support in customized systems.

Whichever service you require, you can rely on top quality and low-energy, robust products that withstand environmental influences, as well as faster decision-making and rapid response times. We are committed to customer satisfaction.


2004 Development of the first CMOS image sensor for Grass Valley
2006 Jean-Pierre Noblanc Award for Excellence
2007 Start of mass production of the professional Grass Valley camcorders with the Thomson CMOS image sensor
2008 Start of the development of the next generation of image sensors
2009 Successful delivery of the first camera systems to customers outside of the Thomson Group. Marketing of the new range of Grass Valley standard HDTV television cameras with Thomson image sensor. Development of the functions of the new image sensor for challenging, universal applications in industrial, medical, civil and military applications
2009/2010 viimagic spin-off from Deutsche Thomson OHG
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