CMOS HD-TV Image sensor

The high-quality viimagic 921x and 922x CMOS image sensors with 2/3” HD resolution and 1920 x 1080 pixels deliver first-class monochrome and coloured still or motion images for a wide range of different applications.

viimagic 921x and 922x CMOS sensors are much more energy-efficient than classical CCD sensors. Low noise and high sensitivities are ideal properties for applications, even with little ambient light. Used in various scanning modes, such as interlaced, progressive, vertical scanning and others, and via the use of the integrated analog-digital converter, they can be fine-tuned to meet the wide range of different requirements of external components and used with flexibility in various applications.

Typical applications are as follows:

  • high-performance video cameras
  • Rapid image analysis in industrial applications
  • High-end surveillance
  • Medical imaging
  • Automotive

In HDR mode, the dynamic range can be extended beyond 120dB by multi sampling or selecting the non-linear response curve.

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