viimagic CMOS HD-TV image sensor Rolling Shutter

CMOS HD-TV Image sensor

Our rolling shutter HD image sensor for high performance and high quality applications are optimized for specific requirements.

The feature-rich 2 Megapixel sensors in 2/3” optical format exhibit uncompromised full 1080p HD even under low-light conditions at frame rates up to 90 fps. With DDS (correlated Digital Double Sampling) processing, frame rates up to 45 fps are achievable. Operated in HDR (high dynamic range) operational modes the new viimagic product realizes a dynamic range of more than 120 dB.

The HD image sensor product line is available in LCC-84 and for thermally and mechanically demanding applications in a ceramic package.


Product brief 9211/9212 LCC-84 [PDF 420 KB]

Product brief 9215/9216 ceramic [PDF 375 KB]


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