Reference design

Ahead of the competition – for camera manufacturers, a short time-to-market is absolutely crucial. Our reference designs help you to achieve your goals more quickly and you also benefit from the very latest technology, low development effort and reduced costs.

The properties of the reference designs for our viimagic 921x and 922x CMOS image sensors are as follows:

  • LCC, BGA or ceramic package, either as monochrome or Bayer version
  • Output interface in the form of a ribbon cable that transmits the LVDS data and the power supplies
  • Pre-configured, software-selectable image formats: 1920x1080 p30 and 1920x1080 p60
  • Camera parameters are set via a I2C interface
  • Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA with external DDR2 memory
  • Power supply modules

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