Our Imager Design Philosophy

HDTV with 1080 lines and 16:9 aspect ratio is the dominant standard for motion picture industries. It will be applied in an increasing range of application segments, all demanding sheer picture quality. The user will benefit from the existence of transmission and storage systems, components, standards, software, etc.

Image Quality
The human eye is the most critical image observer – and our sensors, designed for creative industries, satisfy the highest human visual quality requirements. Low readout noise, high dynamic range and perfect picture homogeneity are key goals. Low-light sensitivity plays a key role in HDTV, safety, surveillance and other

Sensors with faster readout allow higher video frame rates and enable slow motion analyses and industrial applications at increased speed. Our on-chip ADCs with 12-bit resolution provide up to 224 Mega samples per second.

Our image sensors are designed to offer a maximum degree of flexibility. Various ROI modes permit higher frame rates. Multiple readout techniques can be applied to implement HDR capture. Bias voltages and control pulse timing can optimize the parameters for your application.

Moore’s Law predicts increasing complexities of digital circuits, processors and FPGAs at lower cost. Our approach is ‘no compromise on analog performance’. Application-specific and exotic digital functions are all external, preferably implemented in an FPGA for shorter development cycles.

CMOS replaces CCD
The camera industry is continuing to replace CCDs with CMOS image sensors in an increasing number of segments. CMOS image sensors are mainly superior because of their lower power, non-destructive readout, top performance, design flexibility and manufacturing economics.



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